Play and Learn kids is a home based Preschool and follows the Ontario ELECT framework for all ages and stages of development.













Every child learns differently and therefore each child is nurtured and encouraged where they are at, to help them develop to their full potential in all areas of development.  Age appropriate developmental activities are planned and implemented in our large child friendly classroom.  Our morning is filled with fun, hands on learning!  There are 10 different learning centers filled with quality educational materials that children can choose from.  Children are able to explore different ways of learning including the use of Music and Movement activities.  Each morning children participate in large group math and literacy activities to help prepare them for Kindergarten.


Outdoor fun is an important part of our day.  Children are outside learning and having fun in a variety of ways throughout the day. Kids love the large fenced in backyard with age appropriate play equipment, trips to the park, and walks through the neighborhood!

Every child is unique!  We strive to encourage one another and celebrate each other's strengths.